DeLissio is endorsed by a broad range of organizations

Philadelphia April 15 -The DeLissio State House Campaign is pleased to announce that DeLissio has been endorsed for a 4th term by 20 broad and varied organizations for her re-election campaign. The groups range from political entities including the Montgomery County Democratic Committee to statewide environmental groups. She is proud to be endorsed by several organizations that recognize the need for qualified women to serve in the PA House, where currently less than 20% are women.

In many instances these endorsements are the result of a vetting process that includes an evaluation of her voting record and the completion of in depth questionnaires and/or interviews.

Emily’s List recognizes that strong women are needed at every level of government and our state legislatures are no exception. This endorsement recognizes that DeLissio’s experience and qualifications position her to continue to advocate strongly for policies that support issues important to women, including sustainable and equitable funding of basic public education and redistricting reform.

SEPA NOW PAC, Represent! PAC and Planned Parenthood also recognize the need for strong, qualified women to hold office in the PA House and DeLissio is proud to carry their endorsements.

Also endorsing DeLissio are environmental groups including Conservation Voters of PA and the Sierra Club of Southeastern PA.

DeLissio’s advocacy for animals has again won her the backing of the Humane Society.

Labor affiliated groups have also endorsed DeLissio in record numbers this year including the PA AFL-CIO and AFSCME Council 13 as well as many local affiliates including AFSCME District Council 47 and 88. Although DeLissio has spent her 28 year private sector career in executive positions she has always recognized the important role that collective bargaining plays in maintaining a strong middle class.

A complete list of the campaign’s endorsements can be found at