Restoring Fiscal Responsibility

As the CEO of two not-for-profit organizations and as a small business owner, she spent years balancing budgets and implementing innovative solutions to deliver results.  She has used those same skills in Harrisburg and will continue to use her talents and skills to make our government more efficient and effective.

Here is an example of the attitude that Pam has towards the involvement of constituent needs in the budget:


Reforming Harrisburg

As our Representative, Pam DeLissio has advocated for transparency in state government and within the legislative process.  Strong gift and hospitality bans and campaign finance reform are imperative to ensure the development of policy that serves the greater good of the citizens.  Pan has an active participant in the bicameral, bipartisan Government Reform Caucus since its inception in March 2013.

In the following video Rep DeLissio tackles direct issues with the process of government breaks, which hurt the people:


Sustainable Jobs Require Quality Basic Education

Our current basic education budget is not predicated on a meaningful or fair formula.  We need to reinstate the formula used in the 2008-2010 timeframe and then we need to ensure that the revenue is available to fund that formula.

Here’s what Rep DeLissio means by this:

Constituent Services

Staff located in both Harrisburg and Philadelphia have an outstanding track record of providing high quality constituent services.  Karen, Leza, Merle and Jen genuinely enjoy meeting and working with the many people that call or come to the office for assistance.

Pam is very proud of her team and recognizes that the bureaucracy can be daunting to navigate.  Her staff endeavor to be supportive and responsive and the District office, located at 6511 Ridge Avenue, is often “buzzing” with people who have a quick question, want to pick up forms or have a more complicated issue that can take hours or days to solve.

There is a notary on staff and we offer free notary services for state related documents.

An Apprise Counselor is available monthly and during the open enrollment period of the Sffordable Care Act a Navigator was available on a weekly basis.  It is so very satisfying to see the needs of people being met.